vitamin feed additive partial list 2

vitamin feed additive B12 PRE-MIXED DOSAGE

vitamin feed additive B12 Characterfrom light red to reddish brown, fine powder.
vitamin feed additive B12 Ingredientcomstarch thinner, B12 powder dose with 1% content.
vitamin feed additive B12 Characteristiccan join the carbide radical metabolism, promote hemopoiesis, cure pemicious anemia, accelerate the poult growth, and be used for additive.

the adaptive symptom 1Slow growth, and foodstuff's low transform ratio.
  2Anemia and badness feather.
  3Low oviposition ratio.
  4Impediment propagation, and piglet quarters ataxic.

vitamin feed additive B12 Dosage2 gram per ton foodstuff for piglet 22 kilogram weight, 5 gram per ton for ablactated piglet, and 1 gram per ton for poultry.

oleic acid glyceride
sub-aleic acid glyceride
palm oil glyceride
stearic acid oil

Corn oil made from different breed corn contains different grease ratio.
vitamin feed additive B12 Quality standardyellow transparent liquid. Acid number is under 6.
Product purpose
cure oil is mainly used for eliminating foam in antibiotic production. More purify, it is a kind of high-quality edible oil, which has better effect in cure high blood pressure disease and heart disease. It is abundant in vitamin E, so it can be used for material of VE.

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