choline chloride

main components: choline chloride is a granule powder combining the 70% choline chloride solution with the corn core. It is of good fluidity and hygroscopicity.

choline chloride explanation: This product is mainly used to stimulate the growth of the domestic animals, boosting up the body's immunity function. It has prominence effects on improving the quality and quantity of egg and meat. The many years' application shows that the product is the necessary additive of the domestic animals' foodstuff. Choline is one of the vitamins, and is the main components of lecithin. The young poultry is not of the ability of synthesizing choline. All the necessity relies on the supply of food. Though food in nature is not lacking of the choline, the applying of the choline chloride will guarantee the rapid growth of the animals

choline chloride usage: Choline is necessary for chicken (the content is extremely low in the grist), for it can synthesize amino acid and lecithin then to be sent to the inner body of the chickens, and prevent from the accumulation of fat in liver and kidney, accelerate the growth of the chickens, and improve the laying rate and hatchablilty. Lacking of the choline in the foodstuff, will lead to the hypogenesis, coarseness of leather, chondrify, feebleness and illability of mink, pig, rabbit, cow, etc. Adding choline in the bait of all kinds of fish and shrimp, the growth of fish and shrimp will be accelerated, then high yielding will be obtained.

choline chloride recommended adding amount: Generally, 1kg should be added into per 1000kg foodstuff. The amount should be increased for the young poultry. Take the circumstance into consideration.

choline chloride note: This product is of extremely hygroscopicity, closely protect in the dry place.



Choline Chloride (liquid)






Ethylene Glycol (%)




Burn-out Waste materials (%)


Heavy METAL (%)




Choline Chloride (carrier corn)




Loss on heating


Thin (20 sieves)

About 90%Min.